Tickets and wristbands for events

Primi Security Printing Company develops and manufactures solutions for tickets, credentials, tickets and personalized identification bracelets.
These are security items which Primi offers to events companies, show houses, sea travel, parties, among other options of the entertainment industry.
As a high technology security printer, Primi develops solutions within the strictest standards to fight fraud and piracy.
These are personalized tickets, credentials, and VIP wristbands, made with quality and safety material.
Our company has the most sophisticated techniques used in the world when it comes to security prints. We act with great transparency and resourcefulness, providing the best in anti-piracy and anti-fraud methods to both government agencies and private companies.
So, if you want to stay safe and away from piracy and fraud, talk to us + 55 11 4154-6563 or and we will present you with a solution.