Foi com o objetivo de incentivar a pesquisa e propagar o conhecimento, que a PRIMI deu início ao projeto UNIVERSIDADE PRIMI, um espaço permanente de treinamento e debate sobre o mercado e suas novas tecnologias.

Kotlin with Android

September 22nd at 9:30am

Come find out how Kotlin became the most beloved programming language in the Android developer community.


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Kotlin with Android

In this event, our speaker Kassiano Resende, will show how the use of a modern, concise, and powerful programming language can help your team’s productivity. Kassiano is a Mobile teacher at SENAI and author of the book “Kotlin with Android” published by “Casa do Código”.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn a more about this technology that is growing continuously in the world.


History of their emergence, how they work, the characteristics of each technology, possible and existing applications.

Industry 4.0

Summary about the first three industrial revolutions and their technological characteristics; the principles and technological pillars for industries to be considered 4.0. Examples of existing applications in the national industry and other countries; Startups and case studies of the implementation of this new shared industrial revolution.

Facial Recognition

See how this biometrics technique works and is being used in several areas around the world. Find out how it can be used for security and payment methods.

Augmented Reality

Get to know the technology that allows mixing the virtual world with the real world, making the way we perform our daily activities more interactive.

BitCoin & BlockChain

Understand how blockchain works and its application in cryptocurrencies.

BI & Big Data

In this event you will learn a little about BI and Big Data. Understand how these technologies can help in the fight against fraud and crime.

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