We protect your company’s revenues and operations by developing high-tech security protection devices.


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Traceability Solutions

Have you ever thought of a stamp that allows not only the traceability of a product but also the fact that your own consumer may check its authenticity in a fast and simple way, from a cell phone photo?

This animation shows the importance of the technology used for the development of security seals and stamps for companies. This traceability system integrates product security, from manufacturing to the final consumer. Through reports, it provides important information and data for the fight against piracy.

Primi develops customized solutions for your business, regardless of the type and size of your company.

Primi is a seven-time winner of the Fernando Pini´s Graphic Excellence Award promoted by SENAI, ABIGRAF, ABTG and other highly representative institutions of the Brazilian printing industry.
Your secure operations
Solutions joining the physical world to the virtual world use security prints, with the most modern practices and techniques recommended by Interpol. We work with the commitment of secrecy and protection of information. We protect your revenue and your operation.
Primi has certifications with national and international recognition. For instance: ISO 9001 Quality Management – ISO 14001 Environmental Management – ISO 27001 Information Security Management – OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management – NBR 15540 Safety Management in Graphic Processes.
Technology in your favor
Technology today serves to protect your business, and we at Primi work to ensure that this happens with top quality products and the best in technology!

We protect our clients’ revenue and operations

We help large organizations protect their revenue, brand, products, and operations by providing customized, high security solutions. Our solutions are applied to the principle of demand-research-specific solutions, able to respond with agility in an industry where new challenges are launched at every moment, making PRIMI a leading company in its field. Our team is prepared to help you.


Ensures the reliable identification of people and things through the union between the virtual and the physical world, using the most advanced and appropriate technologies to your business. RFID is applied to streamline the management of material flow, optimize anti-theft systems and improve access control in restricted places, reinforcing the prevention of counterfeiting and ensuring safe traceability.