What is a holographic seal and what is it used for?

Holography is a technique of recording three-dimensional optical images in the form of holograms. In other words, the holographic seal is derived from holography and is an important security feature in the fight against piracy of products and documents of various kinds.

Holography is present in several security items of Primi Tecnologia. For example, in the manufacturing of diplomas, certificates, tickets, identification bracelets, credentials, in the beverage seal, pharmaceutical seal, can seal, among others.
The holographic seal is a process that enables traceability and authenticity verification, being indispensable for both the company and the consumer.
Primi’s holographic seals may be customized, varying sizes, colors and shapes. And most importantly, they are a unique solution, like DNA, being tamper proof and destroyed upon attempt of removal.
Holographic void seals are widely used by industries, because they ensure the inviolability of products and documents of the most varied kinds. Some areas that make use of this technique are:

  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • electronics industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • government agencies

The technology of Primi’s holographic seals, integrated to a computerized system, allows an improvement in the management of the supply chain, regardless of the type and size of the company. In other words, they are important in the fight against falsification.
Whether government agencies or private companies, holographic seals protect a company’s greatest asset, its brand.
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