Primi Tecnologia is a company which offers customized solutions for the protection of its clients’ products, revenues and operations. With digital technologies integrated to the forms and high security devices, Primi Tecnologia allows government bodies to verify the authenticity of the products, ensuring protection against falsification, adulteration and piracy.
For government agencies, the use of security prints combined with digital solutions ensures the authenticity and integrity of documents, certificates, controlled products, security seals, among others. Primi tecnologia develops techniques which fight forgery and adulteration of papers, certificates, identification documents, in addition to solutions for inspection, access control, IPVA, vehicle control and public transportation.

Security Printouts and Solutions for Government Agencies

  • Security Documents
  • Fiscal seals
  • Sealing systems
  • Identification of citizens and companies
  • Authentication and Enforcement System: Enigma Server
  • Inspection seals
  • Vehicle identification
  • Intelligent Seal Platform
  • Trackers: Taggants
  • Identification Tag: vehicle inspection, licensing, RFID, access control
  • Blue Zone, IPVA
  • Seals: tachographs, vehicle inspection
  • Certificates
  • Identification of parts and components: seals and asset tags
  • Applications for surveillance and tracking

Primi Tecnologia solutions for security prints and brand protection solutions, can be tracked by 3 groups, which are:

  1. Consumer
  2. Inspection
  3. Forensics

To better understand how our solutions work, browse through our website on solutions, security items, validation levels of security items.
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