Primi Tecnologia is a company which offers customized solutions for the protection of its clients’ revenues and operations. With digital technologies integrated to the security prints, this allows the traceability of the product promoting the increase of revenues, while ensuring the protection of the brand.

One of the sectors that undeniably cannot give up the security of its product, is the chemical industry that needs however to guarantee the authenticity to the user and in addition to follow the laws and norms of security and traceability.
For the chemical industry, we use high technology and innovation systems, as for example in the PRIMI SECURITY SEAL which has authenticity by hidden variable image, through the authenticity system integrated to the seal, thus enabling the consumer to validate the origin of the product by simple Smartphone photo.
The solutions offered by Primi Tecnologia to the Chemical Industry aim at the identity, authenticity and traceability of chemical products, facilitating the management of lot information, manufacturing and expiration dates, ensuring the security of this information in order to fight piracy and falsification besides adulteration of products.

Security Printouts and Solutions for the Chemical Industry

  • Authenticity Seals
  • Security Seals
  • Authenticity Stamps
  • Security Stamps
  • Traceability Seals
  • Security Label
  • Traceability Label
  • Holographic Seal
  • Inviolable Seal
  • Product Traceability
  • Certificates of origin
  • Intelligent Seal
  • RFID Tags
  • IOT

Primi Tecnologia solutions for security prints and brand protection solutions may have their SECURITY VALIDATION performed by 3 groups, thus hindering fraudulent actions:

  1. LEVEL 1 – Consumer – through the senses sight and touch, and by moving the product, thus discovering the existing security items whether on the seal, seal, label or certificates. And now through technology by validating the product through a simple photo in a Smartphone.
  2.  LEVEL 2 – Inspection – through the senses of sight and touch, and by the movement of the product thus discovering the security items on the seal, seal, label or certificates. Therefore, with a simple photo in a Smartphone it is possible to do authentication and validation.
  3. LEVEL 3 – Expertise – by identifying secret information that only the printer and the client possess.

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Security seals for Bottles & Drums

The seals for drum sealing are widely used by the chemical and agro chemical industry, as well by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, because they offer security to the products that these containers store, guaranteeing their traceability, authenticity and consequently brand protection. The seals for such recipients developed by Primi represent innovation. They are security printed in connectivity with technology that ensures protection against piracy.


The security seal for drums integrated to the authenticity system by hidden variable image enables the industry to confirm the suitability and origin of the product by a simple smartphone picture.


What is it?

Enigma – Decoder ®

It is an application for mobile devices that allows, through photography, to decode the hidden information printed on the document.

Enigma – Encoder ®

It is a digital authenticator. An on-line system on a cloud server that hides all variable data printed on the document in a coded image in an area built only by lines.

How does it work?

By decoding – The image presented to the naked eye will vary from padlock to key revealing a number for validation.


  • Numismatic anti-scanner backgrounds,
  • Security holography,
  • Indelible numbering,
  • Tactile embossed numbering,
  • Variable hidden image,
  • Anti tamper system,
  • Taggant.

The security items for Primi Tecnologia bottles & drum seals are printed on the adhesive which prevents fraudulent removal either chemically or mechanically, by heating or cooling.
They are high technology security seals, labels and stamps, customized and with a VOID anti-violation system which protects the industry from product adulteration, thus helping in the fight against piracy.
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