What is Chalcography?

Chalcography or chalcographic printing, also known as intaglio or intaglio. It is a type of security printing made by printers who work with high technology.

Who uses it and where can it be applied?

The intaglio is a technique applied all over the world on identification documents, such as passports, IDs, notary public documents, diploma printing, and printing of money bills, among others.

What is the advantage?

The advantage of intaglio or engraving is that this procedure allows for a characteristic relief, important in combating fraud and document forgery.
The history of engraving
The technique emerged in the 15th century as the art of engraving on copper or other metal. It happens through several processes, the oldest being engraving directly on the metal with a steel instrument called a burin.
The emergence of new needs promoted the development of the chalcography technique, which began to be used by the printing industry as a means of producing books and newspapers.
Nowadays, chalcography is a process which requires an adequate infrastructure, with certain types of equipment and with technology as the basis in the development of security printing solutions.
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